SHUTDOWN DEAL: 3 Reasons Not To Celebrate


Do you solve the problems of a credit card addict by giving that person another credit card? Of course not. You may delay the short-term financial problems of the credit card addict by giving that person another credit card, but in the process you make the long-term problems even worse. We are just kicking the can down the road…

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(CNN) — It took more than two weeks, but Congress finally reached a shutdown-ending, debt ceiling-raising deal that satisfies both sides of the aisle.

Or maybe it doesn’t. Who can tell in this flurry of gamesmanship and posturing?

What’s certain is, whether it voted on principle or politics, Congress’ compromise shouldn’t have Americans brimming with confidence that the days of dysfunction are past them. Here are three reasons why:

1. The deal kicks the can down the road

Democrats and Republicans have negotiated a deal that would fund government through January 15, so about three months.

Meanwhile, the deadline set for budget negotiations for the entire fiscal year — which are expected to address deficit-reduction measures and could affect the timeline for the next debt-limit increase — would be sometime in December.

As much as political leaders might try to cast it as some grand compromise, this week’s deal is…

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